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Health Systems Administration Graduate Program

Are you ready to jump start your way into a high-paying position in today's innovative technology industries? The Health Systems Administration Graduate Program from RIT is your best first step to getting there. At RIT, you'll discover more than 80 Graduate Programs in some of the most respected math and science-related disciplines. So don't wait. Contact us to learn more about this program at RIT now!

The MS program in health systems administration is designed to provide strategic skills for today's health care management. Now, as never before, we are realizing the rapid transformation of health care. The pace of technology and innovation are changing how, when, and where health care is provided, and who is providing it.

Concurrently, health care customers have high expectations for quality and responsiveness to their needs—delivered in a cost-effective manner. To provide these strategic skills to health care management, the MS program builds on a foundation of courses in policy and law formation, health care economics, innovation, and leadership. Additional options are provided through course selections, building an integrated program that meets the individual challenges of participating students. One advantage of this program is the online format. Students can pursue their degree while maintaining full-time employment in locations around the world. Another distinct advantage is the diversity of our student population, which allows for creative discussion and comprehension of global health care issues, and how these relate to the standards and practices of the American health care system. The ability to share information and ideas, and to contrast and compare strategies, allows our students a level of creativity and scope of practice not found in the traditional classroom. RIT provides excellent online learning support that leads the student through registration and use of distance learning tools. In addition, for select subject areas, the health systems administration program plans special learning sessions that blend presentation styles. This could be through attendance at seminars in locations throughout the country or at RIT. These formats provide a combination of both distance learning and interaction with presenters who provide a strategic view of health care delivery models.

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Obtain a qualification from RIT and you'll be able to enjoy a world of opportunity. Our partnerships with countless national and international corporate and government entities will give you unparalleled opportunities for research and career placement, while our faculty members are internationally respected for important contributions in their respective fields.

Earning a Graduate Program in Health Systems Administration at RIT is a smart move because it can greatly impact your earning potential. We're proud to say that placement rate for 2014 graduate students was 95%! And that's not all: an education from RIT will connect you with more than 100,000 well-established alumni who value and understand the strength of our programs.

At RIT, we provide top-notch academics, great facilities and world-class faculty. Distinctive academic specialties like ours help students develop personal and professional abilities that pave the way for long-term career success in a global arena. Our unique blend of creativity, specialization and intensive learning in fields like health systems administration rank RIT among the leading career-oriented, technological institutions in the world. Ask about our quarter program, which allows you to take classes four times a year and earn your degree faster.

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