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Human Resource Development Graduate Program

Your best first step to jump starting your entry into the world's high-paying, innovative technology industries begins with a Human Resource Development Graduate Program from RIT. At RIT you'll discover 80 Graduate Programs in some of today's most preferred, recession-proof math and science-related disciplines. So don't think twice: find out more about the programs at RIT by getting in touch today!

Our on-campus graduate program in Human Resource Development helps students develop the practical competencies and solid scholarship, writing, and analytical skills they need to succeed in modern HR career paths. Core areas of study focus on effective employee and talent development practices (as deployed by global organizations), outcome and evidence-based training, career development, and instructional design and delivery. Graduates are fully prepared to help develop the human assets of an organization and positively impact its goals and outcomes. Applicants to this graduate program may have first-hand experience as HR practitioners and be eager to build new competencies, or they may simply be individuals interested in a career in human resource development. Courses are offered in the evening and include:

  • Breakthrough Thinking, Creativity and Innovation
  • Comprehensive Examination
  • Research Design and Methods

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When you study at RIT, you can expect to see a world of opportunity open up. With our flexible Human Resource Development Graduate Programs, you'll gain access to unparalleled opportunities for research and career placement — as well as worldwide corporate and government partnerships and the full support of experienced faculty members with industry knowledge in their respective fields.

The value of a Graduate Program in Human Resource Development from RIT can boost your earning potential. We can proudly say that we've had a 95% career placement rate for graduate students in 2014! And that's not all: an education from RIT will connect you with more than 100,000 well-established alumni who value and understand the strength of our programs.

Ambitious students from every state and more than 100 countries around the world have found a home in RIT's energetic learning community. Our graduates confidently transition into the "real" world feeling that what they've learned at RIT will help them in life, and most importantly, give them an advantage in the job market. RIT continues to be ranked among the world's leading career-oriented, technological institutions for our unique blend of creativity, specialization and practice in fields like human resource development. Ask about our quarter program, which allows you to take classes four times a year and earn your degree faster.

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