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Computing Security and Information Assurance Master's Program

A Computing Security and Information Assurance Master's Program from RIT will put your career on track, jump-starting your entry into the world's high-paying, innovative technology industries. At RIT, over 80 Master's Programs are geared towards some of the most sought after, math and science-related disciplines. So don't wait: contact us today to learn more about the programs at RIT.

Developers and practitioners need to understand the importance of building security and survivability into systems, rather than trying to add it once systems are installed. This curriculum addresses these concerns by drawing on the expertise of the faculty from the departments that make up the Golisano College. Our Master of Science program in Computing Security includes a foundation of seven core courses designed to give students a better understanding of the technological and ethical roles of computer security in society. Students then develop a specialization in one of several areas by selecting four related elective courses under the guidance of a faculty adviser. Students conclude their program of study with a thesis, completed under the guidance of a faculty mentor. This cross-disciplinary program enables graduates to develop a strong foundation, preparing them for leadership positions in both the private and public sectors in the computer security industry or for an advanced degree. Students also can prepare for academic or research careers in computer security and information assurance, as well as further academic study. Faculty members in the contributing departments are actively engaged in consulting and research in the information assurance areas, including cryptography, databases, networking, and software engineering. There are many opportunities for graduate students to participate in these research activities while completing their thesis or independent study work.

The world is waiting - so study at RIT

Enroll in an RIT program and you'll find that a world of opportunity opens up. With our flexible Computing Security and Information Assurance Master's Programs, you'll gain access to unparalleled opportunities for research and career placement — as well as worldwide corporate and government partnerships and the full support of experienced faculty members with industry knowledge in their respective fields.

Obtaining a Master's Program in Computing Security and Information Assurance at RIT can increase your earning potential. When employers want to attract the best and brightest recent graduates, our career fair gives them easy access. The most recent drew 400 employers! And that's not all: an education from RIT will connect you with more than 100,000 well-established alumni who value and understand the strength of our programs.

RIT provides top teaching, world-class facilities and expert faculty for all our students. We aim to have all of our graduates confidently transition into the "real" world feeling that what they've learned at RIT will help them throughout life and give them the advantage they need in a competitive job market. Our unique blend of creativity and specialization in ground-breaking fields like computing security and information assurance mean RIT is among the world's leading career-oriented, technological institutions. Ask about our quarter program, which allows you to take classes four times a year and earn your degree faster.

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