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Information Technology Master's Program

Jump start your new career into the world's high-paying, innovative technology industries with an Information Technology Master's Program from RIT. Some of today's most sought after, recession-proof math and science-related disciplines like Master's Programs are waiting for you at RIT. So don't think twice: find out more about the programs at RIT by getting in touch today!

The master of science degree in information technology is a unique and flexible program that allows the student to craft his or her own program of study within the broad range of the IT computing discipline.

Students build upon a core requirement in current information technology themes. The specialty areas include website design and interactive multimedia development, application development, usability and interface design, database theory and practice, software project management, eLearning technologies, and computer networking. In addition, students have the option of choosing courses from among the wide variety of fields offered within RIT, such as computer animation, computer graphics design, telecommunications technology, and business. Portions of the degree are available in an online delivery format.

The curriculum consists of 48 quarter credit hours of graduate study and a core course, concentrations, an elective, and the MS capstone experience.

Some of the courses used in this program are available online. Please consult the most recent course descriptions for more information on availability and prerequisites.

Make the world take notice: enroll at RIT

When you study at RIT, you can expect to see a world of opportunity open up. With our flexible Information Technology Master's Programs, you'll gain access to unparalleled opportunities for research and career placement — as well as worldwide corporate and government partnerships and the full support of experienced faculty members with industry knowledge in their respective fields.

Obtaining a Master's Program in Information Technology at RIT can increase your earning potential. 400 employers from the United States and two foreign countries attended our most recent career fair to discover the talents of our recent graduates. Additionally, with a qualification from RIT you'll make contacts with more than 100,000 well-connected alumni who place great importance on an RIT education and look to hire our graduates.

At RIT, every student has access to top-notch academics, great facilities and a world-class faculty. Distinctive academic offerings like ours help students develop personal and professional interests that not only provide an academic boost, but also serve as the ideal preparation for long-term career success. We can provide you with options that will allow you to earn your information technology qualification in the way that works best for you. Ask about our quarter program, which allows you to take classes four times a year and earn your degree faster.

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