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Printing Master's Program

The demand for digital graphic media professionals has never been greater, which means there’s no better time to enroll in our Printing Master’s Program. This Master of Science (MS) program equips students with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of the graphic communications industry, while also offering them the opportunity to personalize their studies through electives and a concentration. Examples of concentrations RIT students have pursued include: digital asset management, typography, imaging science and information technology.

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A world of opportunity opens up when you decide to study at RIT. With our Printing Master's Program, students can access over a dozen computer laboratories that feature the latest digital software packages and devices. That means students can gain hands-on experience using everything from electronic pre-press, desktop publishing, digital publishing and electronically controlled presses to computerized imaging systems, laser scanning and electronic imaging facilities. Students may also have the opportunity to gain valuable experience working with faculty members as a graduate assistant in the classroom or in a research-based environment.

The Print Media MS helps prepare students for management positions in a variety of digital and print media sectors, including:

  • Commercial printers 
  • Electronic pre-press
  • Book publishers
  • Design studios
  • Advertising agencies
  • Specialized pre-press houses
  • Suppliers of machinery, equipment and paper

Earning a Master's Program in Printing from RIT can translate into increased earning potential. When employers want to attract the best and brightest recent graduates, our career fair gives them easy access. The most recent drew 400 employers! Not only that, but with an education at RIT you'll be networked with more than 100,000 well-connected alumni who value the power of an RIT qualification and look to hire our graduates.

RIT provides top teaching, world-class facilities and expert faculty for all our students. Develop personal and professional interests with our academic offerings and prepare for long-term career success in a global community. RIT continues to be ranked among the world's leading career-oriented, technological institutions for our unique blend of creativity, specialization and practice in fields like printing. Ask about our quarter program, which allows you to take classes four times a year and earn your degree faster.

Potential career opportunities include:

  • Digital Publisher 
  • Graphics Coordinator
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator
  • Media Producer 
  • Graphic Technician
  • Print Production Manager
  • Pre-Press Production Specialist
  • Digital Pre-Press Artist 
  • Field Service Technician

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