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Telecommunications Engineering Technology Master's Program

Enrich your career in the innovative and rapidly growing technology industry with the Telecommunications Engineering Technology Master’s Program from RIT. From learning the fundamental principles that govern the communication of information to acquiring extensive hands-on experience with basic technologies of fiber-optic telecommunications systems including optical fiber, light sources and photodiodes, students can expect to be equipped with the knowledge and skills that can help them advance into a leadership role.

Throughout its existence, the telecomnications industry has driven technological innovation and provided outstanding career opportunities for people with the right technical and leadership skills. New services offered through the Internet, mobility offered by wireless technology, and extreme capacity offered by fiber optics, as well as the evolution of policy and regulation, are shaping the telecommunication network of the future. RIT offers a unique program focused on telecommunications that develops the advanced level of skill and knowledge needed by future leaders in the industry. The Master of Science degree in Telecommunications Engineering Technology is for individuals who seek graduate education to advance into managerial and leadership roles in a dynamic telecommunications environment..

At RIT, the world is your oyster

Enroll in the Telecommunications Engineering Technology Master's Program and you'll find that a world of opportunity opens up. In addition to unparalleled opportunities for research and career placement, you'll also benefit from our partnerships with countless national and international corporate and government entities and have the support of highly respected faculty members.

Program courses include:

  • Principles of Telecommunication
  • Telecom Policy and Issues
  • Fiber Optic Telecom Technology
  • Fiber Optic Telecom Technology Lab
  • Wireless Infrastructure and Policy
  • Telecommunications Concepts
  • Network Planning and Design
  • Next Generation Networks
  • Research Methods

A Master's Program in Telecommunications Engineering Technology at RIT can advance your earning potential. We are proud to say that we've had a 95% career placement rate for our 2014 graduate students! Additionally, with a qualification from RIT you'll make contacts with more than 100,000 well-connected alumni who place great importance on an RIT education and look to hire our graduates.

RIT provides top teaching, world-class facilities and expert faculty for all our students. Distinctive academic offerings like ours help students develop personal and professional interests that not only provide an academic boost, but also serve as the ideal preparation for long-term career success. Intensive learning, field-experienced professors and motivated students in innovative fields like telecommunications engineering technology mean RIT is consistently ranked among the elite colleges. Ask about our quarter program, which allows you to take classes four times a year and earn your degree faster.

Graduates may go on to pursue roles including: 

  • Network Applications Engineer 
  • Network Applications Support Specialist 
  • Facilities Engineer 
  • Sales Engineer 
  • Customer Support Specialist 
  • Network Developer 
  • Network Support Engineer

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