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Online Human Resource Development Graduate Degree

The Rochester Institute of Technology can help you earn the online Graduate Degree in Human Resource Development you want on a schedule that meets the challenges of your everyday life.

Our online graduate program in Human Resource Development combines practical training with solid scholarship and analytical skills, helping students develop the comprehensive competencies modern HR professionals need. Students explore critical areas of human resource development, including outcome-based training and learning, talent development practices, instructional design and delivery, and long-term workforce development. As a result, graduates understand how to influence and develop the human assets of practically any type of organization. Some applicants to this graduate degree program have an undergraduate degree and wish to pursue a career in HR, while others already have experience in human resource development and are looking to enhance their job-critical credentials. Courses are offered online and include:

  • Team Process and Facilitation Skills
  • Instructional Design and Technology in HRD
  • Global Human Resource Development
  • Strategic HRD for Global Organizations

Get a qualification from a college you can trust

Don't be taken in by low cost, low effort "online degrees" that only provide half the education and aren't likely to help you get hired.

When you earn your online Graduate Degree in Human Resource Development from RIT, you're getting a real, comprehensive education. Your online qualification will be exactly the same as the degree you would earn by sitting in a classroom on campus - with the added bonus of anytime-anywhere learning.

The education you receive at RIT can help give you the advantage you need to land the job or promotion of your dreams, because our programs are authentic, valuable and recognized nationwide.

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