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Online Human Resource Development Master's Degree

The online Human Resource Development Master's Degree from The Rochester Institute of Technology provides flexible options, making it easier for you to succeed while completing the program on your own time.

Our online master's degree in Human Resource Development combines academic writing and analytical skills with hands-on, competency-focused training, which means graduates are well prepared to assess, influence and develop the human assets of an organization, positively impacting its organizational goals. Students explore the theory and practice behind employee and talent development, evidence-based training and learning, instructional design, workforce development, and more. Some applicants are experienced HR practitioners looking to learn new competencies in training and talent development, while others want to prepare for new careers in the field of human resource development. Online classes in this program include:

  • Performance Analysis and Development
  • Theories of Organizational Development
  • Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management

We can help you make a difference

Don't be taken in by low cost, low effort "online degrees" that only provide half the education and aren't likely to help you get hired.

When you choose to earn your Master's Degree in Human Resource Development online from RIT you've simply opted to study on a campus of one – your own! You'll receive the same quality education as any other RIT student sitting in a campus classroom, only with the convenience of having that classroom in your home.

A degree from Rochester Institute of Technology is valuable, widely recognized and can provide the edge you need to land that dream job or promotion, no matter where you happen to be.

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