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Online Human Resource Development Master's Program

Whether you're in the middle of building your career, a busy stay-at-home mom or anything in between, the online Master's Program in Human Resource Development from RIT is flexible enough to fit into your schedule.

Our online master's program in Human Resource Development focuses on the skills and competencies needed to develop the human assets of an organization and positively impact its organizational goals. The curriculum, which combines solid academic and analytical skills with the kind of competency-based training needed by modern HR professionals, helps students understand outcome and evidence-based training, employee and talent development practices, instructional delivery, and career and workforce development. Some applicants may be interested in pursuing a career in HR, while others already have first-hand experience as practitioners and want to further develop their abilities in training, employee development, and more. Courses are offered online and include:

  • Graduate Writing Strategies
  • Foundations in Human Resource Development
  • Program Evaluation and Design

Think of your living room as a second campus

If you've been considering online learning to improve your marketability in a competitive job market, don't take any chances with lesser institutions - consider the web-based programs at RIT instead.

The online Master's Program in Human Resource Development we offer is more than "just like" our on-campus program; it is our on-campus program, complete with all of the classes and professors you would experience if you were taking the course in a classroom on the RIT campus. With a web-based education at RIT, you're connected to the same support services and taught by the same faculty as the students enrolled in our on-campus program.

RIT's web-based programs can give you the advantage you need to get hired in your desired field, and that's why we have a reputation for providing students with a valuable, comprehensive education that makes potential employers take notice.

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