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Microsystems Engineering PhD

Jump start your entry into the world's high-paying, innovative technology industries with a Microsystems Engineering PhD from RIT. At RIT, over 80 PhD Programs are geared towards some of the most sought after, math and science-related disciplines. So don't think twice: find out more about the programs at RIT by getting in touch today!

RIT offers a unique educational and research program leading to a doctorate degree in microsystems engineering. This multidisciplinary program builds on the fundamentals of traditional engineering and science combined with curriculum and research activities addressing the numerous technical challenges of micro- and nano-systems. These include the manipulation of electrical, photonic, optical, mechanical, chemical, and biological functionality to process, sense, and interface with the world at a nanometer scale. The goal of the program is to provide a foundation to explore future technology through research in nano-engineering, design methods, and technologies and their integration into micro- and nano-scaled systems.

Research and innovation is being conducted in several key areas such as: Scaling-driven nanoelectronics including: new materials, techniques, and architectures for next generation semiconductor devices innovations in device patterning and nanolithography new materials research including germanium, III-V materials, carbon nanotubes, and spintronics MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems), MEOMS (micro-electro-optical-mechanical systems) and NEMS (nano-electro-mechanical systems) device, processing and materials research for smart sensors, actuators, biochips, and micro-implantable appliances Photonics and nanophotonics imaging, communications, and sensing research including couplers, micro-lasers, microdetectors, integrated silicon waveguides, silicon spectrometers, and biosensors Photovoltaic research in silicon, organic, and stacked solar cells and thermophotovoltaics Scaled micro- and nano- electronics for integration into biomedical systems New and improved technologies in organic electronic components and devices Microfluidics research on the behavior, control and manipulation of fluids at the micro-scale.

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Get a qualification from RIT and a world of opportunity opens up. Our partnerships with countless national and international corporate and government entities will give you unparalleled opportunities for research and career placement, while our faculty members are internationally respected for important contributions in their respective fields.

Completing a PhD in Microsystems Engineering at RIT can also help to enhance your earning potential. In 2014, RIT had a 95% career placement rate for graduate students! Additionally, with a qualification from RIT you'll make contacts with more than 100,000 well-connected alumni who place great importance on an RIT education and look to hire our graduates.

RIT provides top teaching, world-class facilities and expert faculty for all our students. Distinctive academic offerings like ours help students develop personal and professional interests that not only provide an academic boost, but also serve as the ideal preparation for long-term career success. Intensive learning, field-experienced professors and committed students studying in ground breaking fields like microsystems engineering allow RIT to be consistently ranked among the elite colleges. Ask about our quarter program, which allows you to take classes four times a year and earn your degree faster.

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