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Entrepreneurship MBA

If you're ready to jump into an exciting and rewarding career field, the Entrepreneurship MBA program at RIT's Saunders College offers the relevant, industry-focused education you need. We provide access to talented faculty, top quality facilities and programs that offer a practical, hands-on learning experience. Get the information you need: contact Saunders and discover what our qualifications can do for your career prospects.

The Entrepreneurship concentration of our MBA program is designed to enable students to recognize and commercialize attractive business opportunities, either by new independent ventures or by established firms seeking growth or rejuvenation. It involves integrating all functions of business (strategy, marketing, innovation, finance, accounting, etc.) within one concerted value-creating initiative. Courses include Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation, Field Experience in Business Consulting, and Product and Brand Management.

Take control of your future

Not all academic programs focus on real-world skills, but Saunders College's MBA in Entrepreneurship is designed to deliver practical competencies that graduates can apply to their professional careers. Our programs provide vital opportunities for research and career placement - and our partnerships with various national and international corporate and government entities will provide you with learning experiences unlike any other found at other colleges offering similar programs.

Your earning potential will benefit with a qualification from Saunders. Not only are we associated with many national and international corporations, but we also provide students with the opportunity to participate in job fairs that are attended by some of the top employers nationwide. Our latest job fair drew 400 employers! Additionally, at Saunders you'll be making contacts and exchanging ideas with more than 100,000 well-established alumni who value the strength of our graduates - and look to hire them whenever possible.

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