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Marketing Research MBA

If you're looking for a Marketing Research MBA program that gives you relevant, exciting learning opportunities, look no further than Saunders College at RIT. We provide you with access to in-depth, hands-on programs that represent a real advantage when you're looking to climb to the top of this flourishing industry. Don't wait any longer: talk to us today and see how far you can go with a Saunders qualification.

How do you identify your customers' needs and wants, and respond with the most profitable product or service? Marketing research analysts take a leading role in identifying and defining marketing problems. Relying on communication as well as analytical and conceptual skills, a market researcher can evaluate the market, generate product ideas, refine the delivery process, monitor marketing performance, and improve the company's profitability. Increasing numbers of specialized research firms add more opportunities to the traditional marketing profession.

Your success starts here

Not all academic programs focus on real-world skills, but Saunders College's MBA in Marketing Research is designed to deliver practical competencies that graduates can apply to their professional careers. Our courses are completely up-to-date with current industry best practices and provide you with real life, hands-on learning experiences - including partnering with classmates to solve real business problems for real companies.

An education at Saunders will help get your foot in the door of your new career. Not only are we associated with many national and international corporations, but we also provide students with the opportunity to participate in job fairs that are attended by some of the top employers nationwide. Our latest job fair drew 400 employers! Additionally, at Saunders you'll be making contacts and exchanging ideas with more than 100,000 well-established alumni who value the strength of our graduates - and look to hire them whenever possible.

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