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Operations Management MBA

If you're looking for an Operations Management MBA program that gives you relevant, exciting learning opportunities, look no further than Saunders College at RIT. We provide you with access to in-depth, hands-on programs that represent a real advantage when you're looking to climb to the top of this flourishing industry. Get the information you need: contact Saunders and discover what our qualifications can do for your career prospects.

This concentration is designed to enhance the student's understanding of manufacturing and service functions as they exist in modern business. In addition to key courses covering project management, quality control, and improvement and manufacturing strategy, an extensive set of electives allows students the ability to broaden their knowledge base.

Take control of your future

Not all academic programs focus on real-world skills, but Saunders College's MBA in Operations Management is designed to deliver practical competencies that graduates can apply to their professional careers. Our programs provide vital opportunities for research and career placement - and our partnerships with various national and international corporate and government entities will provide you with learning experiences unlike any other found at other colleges offering similar programs.

An education at Saunders will help get your foot in the door of your new career. Saunders College and RIT are associated with numerous national and international corporations, and take pride in introducing students to top employers via our industry-renowned job fairs. Our latest job fair drew 400 employers! Additionally, at Saunders you'll be making contacts and exchanging ideas with more than 100,000 well-established alumni who value the strength of our graduates - and look to hire them whenever possible.

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