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Supply Chain Management MBA

If you're ready to jump into an exciting and rewarding career field, the Supply Chain Management MBA program at RIT's Saunders College offers the relevant, industry-focused education you need. We provide access to talented faculty, top quality facilities and programs that offer a practical, hands-on learning experience. Don't wait any longer: talk to us today and see how far you can go with a Saunders qualification.

Supply chain management is an integrated approach to managing the total flow of a distribution channel from the supplier to the customer. This concentration prepares students to effectively manage this key element of corporate strategy.

Take control of your future

When you enroll in Saunders College's MBA in Supply Chain Management, you'll be able to develop job-focused competencies and relate everything you learn and do in the classroom to your future career. Our programs provide vital opportunities for research and career placement - and our partnerships with various national and international corporate and government entities will provide you with learning experiences unlike any other found at other colleges offering similar programs.

Your earning potential will benefit with a qualification from Saunders. Saunders College and RIT are associated with numerous national and international corporations, and take pride in introducing students to top employers via our industry-renowned job fairs. Our latest job fair drew 400 employers! On top of that, at Saunders you'll be able to connect with more than 100,000 well-established alumni who value the quality of your education and display a preference for hiring our graduates.

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